Artificial Continuum

Monday, July 19, 2010
It's monday again! And this time we have a weird combination. We have breaking meme's, bad singing, and of course a little Samuel L. Jackson. Should be a fun time.

1. You dun Goofed Up (Jess Slaughter Story)

Here we go. What is quickly becoming the latest internet phenomena. While we can still enjoy Mr. Sluaghter's horrible grammar and tirades from this video alone, I know some of you may feel bad for this seemingly traumitized girl. However, there is a long and rather complex backstory behind this internet breakdown. For your convenience I have included Know Your Meme's complete research about the subject. Enjoy.

2. Classic Viral: Why Must I Cry

Rehdogg's internet classic is perhaps one of my favorite viral classics of all time. Subject of dozens of remixes, "Why Must I Cry" is a success not only for its singer's lack of talent it just is a classic example of a melodrama.

3. Snakes On a Plane Censorship

Remember that internet phenomena Snakes on A Plane? It took the world by storm in 2006 and became one of the first films to develop an internet following before its actual release. However while the initial release for the film was less then satisfactory, Snakes on a Plane has garnered a rather large Internet following its release on the FX station several years ago. This television edition was released with perhaps the most rediculous censorship job of all time, and has sense become a Youtube phenomena.


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