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Friday, June 11, 2010

With the Japanese date for Pokemon Black and White only several months away, Nintendo has released several more designs for the upcoming role playing adventure game. The Pokemon fansite has also released translated descriptions of the new creatures. Thanks for the quote!

The white Pokemon is named Chiramii (チラーミィ). It is the Chinchilla Pokemon, a Normal-type. Its abilities are Cute Charm and Technician and it knows a new movie called “Sweep Slap,” which hits the opponent multiple times. It is 0.4m tall and 5.8kg in weight.
The pink Pokemon is named Mun’na (ムンナ). It is the Dream Eater Pokemon, a Psychic-type, and has Forewarn and Synchronize as its abilities. A new attack it knows is “Telekinesis,” which makes the opponent float in the air. It is 0.6m tall and 23.3kg in weight.
The mechanical Pokemon below is Gear (ギアル), appropriately titled the Gear Pokemon. It is a Steel-type and its ability is either “Plus” or “Minus.” It has a new attack called “Gear Saucer,” which you can see it using below - it attacks the opponent multiple times with both of its gears. It is 0.3m tall and weighs 21.0kg.
Mamepato (マメパト) is the Baby Pidgeon Pokemon and is a Normal / Flying type. Its abilities are either “Pidgeon Breast” or “Super Luck.” In a screenshot below, Mijumaru tries to lower its Defense, but it doesn’t work because one of Mamepato’s abilities prevents it. It is 0.3m tall and weighs 2.1kg.
Hihidaruma (ヒヒダルマ) is the Flaming Pokemon, a Fire-type. Its ability is “Encourage.” It is 1.3m tall and weighs 92.9kg.
Shimama (シママ) is the Charged Pokemon, an Electric-type, and has Lightningrod or Motor Drive as its abilities. It has a new attack called “Wild Volt,” which does a lot of damage but also hurts the user. It is 0.8m tall and 29.8kg.
Meguroko (メグロコ) is the Desert Crocodile Pokemon, a Ground / Dark type. Its abilities are Intimidate and “Earthquake Spiral,” the latter of which raises its Attack stat when it Knocks Out a Pokemon. It is 0.7m tall and weighs 15.2kg.

My Opinion: Overall, I'm still underwhelmed. None of these designs are really jumping out at me. Though I do like Meguroko, probably just because I love reptiles.


PaddyWagon said...

I think all of these are very underwhelming. I don't think the Pokemon Company is taking any new directions in their games, and this time, it might hurt them

Nick said...

The new battle system is kind of impressive. Yet,I agreee the Pokemon still look really lame.

PaddyWagon said...

It's the same old game in a new set of clothes,that's the problem I have

Nick said...

Er...isn't that like 95% of all pokeomon games?

Anonymous said...

Yep, looks like they're still playing up a cute factor. Or at least, are utterly running out of ideas for Pokemon and are just taking what they can get.

I am however upset about the creation of Munna. We already have a Dream Eater-esque psychic type. His name is Drowzee.

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