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Monday, June 14, 2010
If there is one franchise of realistic shooter that is as well regarded as Call of Duty it is Medal of Honor. Although it has been missing from the world of video games for several years, Medal of Honor plans to return to new territory and give its rival a run for its money. As many now know, the next game in the franchise will follow the efforts of soldiers in Afghanistan.

While the campaign will follow real life battles, the multiplayer emulates this attention to reality by using maps based on actual locations. Like the Modern Warfare franchise, multiplayer in Medal of Honor uses a 12 vs. 12 soldier vs. insurgent system. However, gameplay is made more intense by quicker weapons and bullet system. Players also die quickly, seeing as health packs have been removed. To stress the attention to realism even further, there will not be a kill cam, keeping your enemy secret and hidden at all times. There is also a point progression system that is based on kills and performing specific actions. Vehicle combat will also be featured, similar to the Battlefield series.

By adding an attention to realistic combat, Medal of Honor plans to give other shooters a run for their money when it releases this fall.

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