Artificial Continuum

Monday, June 7, 2010
Here we go guys. It's Monday again, and its time for me to dish out more moderately funny videos.

1.Ghost Riding: Lawn Mower

There's a rather annoying trend on the Internet called Ghost Riding. Essentially, someone starts a car, rolls it down a hill, and runs around it while blaring rap music. I can't tell if this video is a clever parody, or if this guy honestly thinks it cool. Either way its kind of amusing.

2. Classic Viral: Scarlet Takes A Tumble

Here we go. A girl falling down video...have we really sunk this low? This video is only funny to me seeing as my Bio Teacher randomly pulled it up in class one time in Freshman year.

3. Will Smith Beat boxing with Puppets

Will Smith is a pretty awesome guy. And he's pretty good at beat boxing. Add in some puppets and you have an amazing clip from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


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