Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
As revealed earlier, video game developer Activision is going all out into trying to make their latest attempt at a Spider-man video game appealing to the characters wide fanbase and to the general public. This year's attempt Shattered Dimensions follows several different universes and incarnations of the character becoming itnerlocked into one cohesive story. So far, Activision has revealed the standard Amazing universe along with the grittier Scarface-esque Noir universe. Yesterday, they revealed the game's latest world, 2099.

In many ways 2099 is the cult movie of the Marvel universe. Started as a rather unsucessful experiment in the early 90's, 2099 followed Spider-man and other Marvel heroes in a highly stylized and colorful futuristic setting. The 2099 run soon faded into obscurity, but a rather loyal fanbase has kept the limited series popular. The inclusion of this lesser known world shows the dedication Activision has put into this game.


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