Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Metroid Other M looks to be a changeoff between 2.5D and RPG/Shooter elements. I'm not sure how I feel about this new entry, but it looks like the Morph Ball is back (shocker), among other favorites like the Ice Beam, Missiles (ever the fan favorite; SO VERSATILE), Super Bombs, and the Varia Suit. Overall, few details were revealed about the upcoming addition to the Metroid franchise.

Nick's Update: Metroid: Other M is a blend of intense FPS shooter, action platforming, and a 2D sidescroller. It allows the player to switch between modes by swithcing their Wii Remote. Vertical switches to first person, and horizontal treats the player to a more traditional Metroid view. This change in camera view and gameplay creates intense action set pieces, and allows for creative ways of defeating massive alien bosses. Switching view points also offers a tactical exploration technique, revealing details that would not be seen in other modes.

The game is scheduled for release August 31st of this year.


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