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Sunday, June 13, 2010
Although often filled with panels, interviews, and developer walkthroughs ultimatley what defines and E3 conference are its trailers. Exciting cinematic representations of video games to come, E3 trailers have risen to legendary status and have caused countless numbers of nerds to scream in victory. Here is the shortlist of what I regard to be the top 5 best E3 trailers of all time.

5. Spore-E3 2006

This zany and creative glimpse of the evolutionary epic Spore was easily one of the most fun trailers of E3 2006. Although Spore was ultimatley a disappointment, this trailer offered an interesting glimpse of portions of the game that were never to be fully realized ,including the underwater stage. Also, the subtle similarity to Futurama adds to the spectacle.

4. Halo 3-E3 2006

The first glimpse that Halo fans would get of the game that would end the trilogy. This E3 2006 teaser trailer is beautifully animated, visually poignant, and of course wonderfully orchestrated.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-E3 2005

Although not the first glimpse fans would have of a new Zelda game, it would become the best piece of information that Nintendo fans would have of this mysterious game for over a year. If anything, this trailer has reached immortality due to a hugely dedicated fanbase.

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl-E3 2006

Easily the highlight of E3 2006, this surprise trailer for the third Super Smash Bros. shocked the entire video game community. Not only is it energetic and alot of fun, but it includes one of the best surprise announcements in video game history.

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic-E3 2009

There are few trailers that reach the level of visual excitement that Bioware's glimpse at The Old Republic offers. Not only the best trailer from last year's E3, it is often considered the best moment out of the entire expo. This cinematic glimpse at a lost age of the Galactic Republic is so renowned that it has won numerous rewards and has even inspired its own sequel at this years E3. That's right a sequel for a trailer.


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