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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Gormy inspired me to a list of what I consider to be the top ten best web shows on the Internet. Although some technically push the envelope of what can be considered a show, their brilliance in telling episodic content is unparalleled and sets them apart from the dangerous maze of the Internet.

10. Red Vs. Blue

Although primitive and sometimes less then funny, Red vs. Blue is easily one of the most influential web series ever created. It has been running since 2003, has won numerous awards, and has attracted millions of viewers. Not only did Red Vs. Blue almost create the entire web series genre, but is the first successful machinima as well. So regardless of whether you like Halo or even the series itself, it is hard to deny the influence this series has had.

9. Movie Reviews
------------------------------------------------------------------ is an oddity among the Internet. A relatively unknown brand, this animated movie review site shines because of its down to Earth style and often less then sophisticated style. However, what truly makes this site, and its reviews, successful is the undeniable chemistry between the main cast: Korey, Carlyle, Leon, Cyrus, and their plucky robot side kick Co-Host 3000.

8. Marvel Vs. DC

Easily the least professional out of all the series on this list, Marvel Vs. DC tells perhaps the most unadulterated commentary on the comic book industry on the Internet. Add in talking and singing action figures and you have yourself a hit. Even better is the amazing pairing of Deadpool and Rorscach.

7. Angry Video Game Nerd

You guys ever got really angry with a video game? Have you ever gotten really angry at a video game and then had Bugs Bunny jump through your window? Welcome to the vulgar world of the Angry Video Game Nerd. In addition to his amazing theme song, what makes AVGN so popular is the overtly violent and irreverent nature in which he reviews some of the worst video games in history. Whether you laugh at the games themselves or enjoy seeing the poor guy in pain, AVGN is hours of vulgarity filled fun.

6. Legend of Neil

A popular and clever parody of the Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Neil is hyperactive, clever, and frequently vulgar. Although some may be put off by its style of comedy, the series is highly successful amongst the fans of the game it parodies.

5. Balloonshop

Trying to explain Balloonshop is like trying to explain philosophy to a five year old. It can be done, it's just really hard and won't really get you anywhere. Essentially Olan Rogers, Joshua Presley, and Thomas Gore regularly release several minute long improvs that often devolve into the nonsensical and bizarre. The video posted above, believe it or not, is one of their more accessible episodes.

4. Lonelygirl15

Lonelygirl15 is perhaps one of the most interesting experiments ever performed on the Internet. The show was initially started in 2006, and quickly became one of the most successful series on youtube. Initially released under the pretense of being a real web blog, Lonelygirl15 slowly evolves into a deeply sinister and disturbing conspiracy ARG. A large amount of detail was put into integrating the series into real life, with characters actions impacting events in the real world. Although it takes time to pick up, the Lonelygirl15 is always entertaining and feels oddly genuine.

3. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Joss Whedon's musical web show masterpiece, Dr. Horrible is the shortest but perhaps the most beloved web series on this list. It's clever humor, parody of comic book storytelling, and most of all its creative musical numbers made this seris a hit in the summer of 2008. The star studded cast of Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Filicia Day add to the spectacle. Winning numerous awards including Streamy's and even an Emmy, Dr. Horrible is now an integral part of not only the Internet, but nerd culture.

2. The Guild

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed and popular web series still running, The Guild tells the story of a group of friends who meet through an MMORPG. Their adventures enthralled millions due to clever writing, unique style, and breakout acting performance (particularly Felicia Day). The Guild is not only a superior web series, but one of the best forms of episodic media released in recent years.

1. Homestarrunner

Homestarrunner is something special. It is strange, hard to comprehend, and can be kind of annoying, but inevitably this all adds to its charm. This web series, first started in 2001, has become a pop cultural phenomena for its creative vision and witty sense of humor. Homestarrunner manages to be topical without becoming political, and comedic with out ever slipping into vulgarities. Although it may be hard for newer viewers to jump in, Homestar creates a universe that you come to love.


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