Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
To my fist pounding, cheering surprise, a new Twisted Metal was just announced. And let me say, I REALLY WANT IT! But enough about my needs, the game looks fantastic and the chaos is back and better than ever. Of course the game this time around will host a massive list of madcap weapons, stages, vehicles, and characters. It seems a few characters are returning including Dollface from TM:Black and the ever iconic Sweet-tooth. The new game also supports co-op game modes, such as Twisted Metal Nuke. Nuke is a team objective match in which two factions (following characters i.e. Dolls, Clowns, and so on)attempt to capture the other sides leader and sacrifice him to a missile launcher to destroy the opposing forces giant statue (its as crazy as it sounds). Also its seems they've added flying vehicles as well. The trailer displayed a helicopter destroying everything. And this time around each vehicle has two specials (much like how two hidden blades made AC better). Well I'm eagerly anticipating further information on the newest addition to the longest running PlayStation franchise.


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