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Monday, June 14, 2010
Hello internet. Hopefully this post will get nick off my case. For those of you who don't know, I am John; the shooter fan of the group. With all the excitement of E3 fever going around I have decided to join the fight and cover Call of Duty Black Ops. First off, a little bit of a history lesson. Treyarch the company behind Black Ops also released Call of Duty World at War or COD 5 (intense fishing) , which ever you prefer, back in 2008. Many people thought that COD 5 was COD 4 only world war II and not as good. Therefore Treyarch was forever plagued as anInfinity Ward copier. That history aside, Treyarch has started to show their newest project Black Ops. This game has dared to go where no shooter has gone before; the Cold War era. Back when the Commies and Democracy duked it out over who had the bigger rod... of plutonium. Anyway, according to Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia the story follows several different Black Ops members who partook in secret mission against the soviets. He says the game spans for several years (probably from Vietnam all the way early 90s; the end of the Cold War). New announcements include that in game the player can use helicopters, one of which being the Russian Hind, and crossbows (sick!). Also the game includes many different weapons developed during that era. According to the trailers and in-game shots the graphics are up to par with Modern Warfare 2; although they do have the charred flare that we saw in World at War. All in all I am excited for this game and the new direction Treyarch is taking. This is definitely not an Infinity Ward rip off. As I said before little to no games have ever done the Vietnam era and it's good to have something new for a change. As a huge fan off World at War I hope this game is a good addition to the COD family. Call of Duty Black Ops comes out this November.


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