Artificial Continuum

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Although the Clash of the Titans remake, which was released this spring, was critically slammed, it did surprisingly well at the worldwide box office, pulling in over $400 million in world wide revenue. Even before release there were rumors of a second film in the Greek mythology based franchise, now with success of the first apparent plans are moving forward.

The LA Times reported yesterday that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have begun talks to find potential directors. Among those mentioned is horror-action director Jonathon Liebesman, who worked on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies as well as the upcoming alien invasion epic Battle: Los Angeles. Liebesman is also creating an adaptation of the Greek epic poem the Odyssey for the same studio.

If Liebesman is chosen the sequel could begin shooting as early as January of next year. The sudden shift in production schedule is reportedly to keep star Sam Worthington on board. Worthington is also obligated to begin work on James Cameron's untitled Avatar sequel, which is to begin production sometime next year.


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