Artificial Continuum

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead and Spider-man films, may have traded one fantasy realm for another. Last year the famous director announced that he would direct a film based on the popular Warcraft video game franchise. Of course, this had geeks across the world ecstatic. When Raimi stepped down from creating the next film in the Spider-man series, Warcraft seemed closer then ever before.

However, the announcement came yesterday that it may be a while before the world of Azeroth is adapted to the silver screen. According to Vulture, Sam Raimi was approached by Disney to direct a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, focusing on the mysterious title figure. The film, titled Oz, The Great and Powerful has been Disney's pet project for years and has bounced between multiple directors. Chances are that if Raimi picks up this project it may take priority and thus bump back other projects, including Warcraft.


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