Artificial Continuum

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So there's this new game coming out called Super Scribblenauts. If you haven't played the original, its a puzzle-ish, platform-ish, action-ish game for the DS, where anything you write comes to life. Like for instance, say you wanted to stop a sailor from crashing into an iceberg (or a plane from crashing into an island (LOST) ) You could maybe just put a kraken in the water and scare the crap out of the caption. (Or a giant mystical dragon being, your pick). But wouldn't it be more fun to fly over to the iceberg on a pterodactyl with a lightsaber and break the iceberg? The answer is yes. That is Scribblenauts. Over 200 levels of imaginative puzzly goodness. Now here comes Super Scribblenauts. Now what could you add to the genius that is Scribblenauts? Adjectives. Just think about it. Surfing zombie velociraptor jedi. I'll let this video explain the rest.


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