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Monday, June 7, 2010

Bioware is slowly becoming the most successful and influential video game studio in the industry. With such titles as The Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age taking the world by storm, Bioware has changed the way that storytelling is approached in video games.

The critically acclaimed company announced last month that production had begun on a film adaptation to the science fiction epic Mass Effect. Today, Bioware released further plans to expand their franchises into different forms of media. According to, Bioware along with FUNimation plans to release an anime adaptation of their fantasy RPG Dragon Age some time next year.

Here is the press release listed on the site:

BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment will be collaborating on an anime movie adaptation of well regarded fantasy RPG Dragon Age.

Production of the Dragon Age anime movie is slated to begin this month with a home video release in 2011. Executive producing the film are BioWare's Executive Producer Mark Darrah and Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, as well as FUNimation's president and CEO Gen Fukunaga and Director of Original Entertainment Chris Moujaes.

Dragon Age has been selected as the first title in FUNimation's slate of major anime movies to be developed through FUNimation's Original Entertainment team since the announcement of the company's co-production initiative in November 2009.

"Dark heroic fantasy" Dragon Age: Origins, reminiscent of works like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, allowed the player to explore the history of a Human Noble, Mage, Dalish Elf, City Elf, Dwarf Commoner or Dwarf Noble before taking control of a Grey Warden in their campaign to revived Darkspawn.


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