Artificial Continuum

Thursday, June 10, 2010

With Christopher Nolan's Inception due out in less then a month, rumors have begun to swirl regarding his next project, the third Batman film.

First off, Hero Complex announced today that the critically acclaimed director will begin shooting the next film March. Although seemingly another rumor, Hero Complex has a surprisingly close relationship with Nolan lending some credibility.

However, the most interesting rumor of the week surrounds the antagonist for the film. Movieline reports that during the shooting of Nolan's latest thriller, Inception, the director mentioned numerous times to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (G.I. Joe, (500) Day of Summer) that he wanted the actor to read for the role of the Riddler. Movieline's inside source reports that Nolan has not yet locked in the star for the role, and at the moment this news remains little more than a rumor. Despite the whispers of casting roles, this news marks the first time in months a reliable source has listed a villain for the comic book adaptation.


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